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In the Clinical Theory of Everything, the Wood Element is the 5th Element of Spiritual Development…

The Wood Element brings in Wisdom, Vision and Transcendence…

It is the wooden bridge from the Earthly realm to the eternal realm of the Heavens…

The Clinical Theory of Everything is the first science-based Theory of Everything that provides an explicit description, explanation and dynamic system model of Creation that includes both Consciousness and our immortal Spirits…

Look, Listen, Learn… and let me know what you think in the comments…

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by Glen Swartwout

The TRUTH is, we are all one family… and We Love Us!


Betroth means to enter an agreement to marry or join in holy union.  The truth is that we are created to be in communion with our fractal source by our nature.  All that may be lacking is our agreement!  We are the cells in God’s body… and like the cells in our own biological bodies lack communication of identity, nutrition and cleansing, we experience degeneration of functionality in that tissue.

Seven is the number of blessing.  To seven oneself is to bless oneself.  In the seven days of the creation account, God sevened himself.  Modern mathematical interpretations of the creation from the divine perspective agree with the seven day view from the creator’s viewpoint, including the timing of various biological creatures appearing in the fossil record as we interpret it from our side of the time equation.  The seven sacraments are outward signs of our choice of agreement with the divine plan for our destiny.

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Welcome Home

by Glen Swartwout

The Royalty Of The Heavens:

Fractal Sovereignty

As sons and daughters of our creator, we carry the fractal sovereignty of our source.  We are co-creators of this spiritual experience of being human… Kings and Queens of this portable real estate (originally from the term Royal Estate) of this earthly body.

Where we went wrong… in governance, law, medicine, pharmacy, commerce, economics, science and more…

How we can help… in the little things we do every day!

Whatever we keep foremost in our hearts is where we are navigating towards.  And while our maker is famous for drawing straight with (our) crooked lines, we can help ourselves by staying centered in our hearts, the only sanctuary where we can prepare ourselves to listen for that gentle call of Grace.  Next time you say good-bye to a friend or loved one, remember that the term came as a shortening of “God be with you!”


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